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    Frequently Ask Questions
    What is VOLT?

    VOLT is your digital home for independent live performance practitioners, with resources, opportunities, new courses, templates and most importantly, a supportive community for independent practitioners right across Aotearoa. It is built as a Progressive Web App (PWA) which means it runs as an app when downloaded/saved on your smartphone, but also appears as as website on a desktop. The name VOLT pays homage to the energy transmission that is so unique to the live performance sector, whether that be creatives in a rehearsal room collaborating together, or performer and audience member with that innate trust you have in each other at a performance. When it came to naming this platform, we were thinking about that electrical charge or that energy transmission = voltage. VOLT is also a pun for vault of knowledge and resource that will be unlocked as part of this community.

    What can I learn through VOLT?

    VOLT will be running a series of courses as well as home to many live performance specific ready to use templates and resources. Our hero course, The Producer Power Up Challenge will be available twice a year.

    Other resources still to come:
    • • Market Your Arts Off course
    • • Learn On Your Own courses
    • • Ready to use custom templates and more!
    Can I download the app on my device?

    Absolutely! As VOLT is a PWA, you are able to download/save the platform to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and it will appear like any other app on your device. Our content is also downloadable offline in case you do not have internet access regularly.

    How do I create an account with VOLT?

    You can register new account in this page: Register Page

    How much will it cost me?

    Our prices vary depending on what course, template or resource you are trying to access. The prices will be listed clearly before you purchase.

    What personal information does VOLT hold?

    You can view our Privacy Policy for more information.

    I have skills/experience to share, how can I teach with VOLT?

    Fantastic! We would love to chat about further opportunities. Please reach out at kiaora@poweredbyvolt.com to start a kōrero.